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President Trump’s Twitter Account Has Officially Been Confiscated

Twitter is done with President Donald Trump’s constant tweets and has decided to take action and ban him for life. Donald Trump has rebelled by defecting to Instagram.

Kana Mullee, Staff Writer

January 31, 2019

On Thursday, Jan. 27, Twitter released a statement officially announcing that Donald Trump’s account had been removed and that he was banned from ever making an account on the social media outlet ever again. The reason given was that they were “done up with the president being mean and rude o...

41st President, George Bush, Dies At 94

President Bush was often referred to as the most successful one-term president. Sadly, the well-respected president died November 30 of this year at the age of 94.  (Photo credit: Eric Gay.)

Kana Mullee, Staff Writer

December 17, 2018

“Some political people do lie all the time, and step over their friend to achieve the objective themselves. But I’m one who believes that one’s word of honor is about one of the most fundamentally important things there is.” George H.W. Bush George Herbert Walker Bush was born in Milton, Massachuset...

Trump Declares Papa John’s ‘Fake Pizza’

Trump slammed the pizza giant in a tweet.

Daniel Snodgrass, Staff Writer

April 19, 2017

After failing to receive his order of pizza within 30 minutes of ordering, President Trump slammed the pizza giant Papa John’s on his twitter page, declaring their pizza ‘fake pizza’. A few minutes following his initial declaration, Trump again took to his twitter denouncing Domino’s Pizza as...

Do You Agree with the Presidential Candidates?

The election of the next president of the United States of America gets closer, and the race for the presidency intensifies. It’s important to know your options if you’re eligible to vote

Andrew Willings, Staff Writer

October 14, 2016

With the upcoming presidential election in November, it would be wise to learn everything about each presidential nominee and what they stand for, not just basing your vote off their behavior. If you don’t have time to do extensive research on each nominee, here is a brief overview of who the major...

George H.W. Bush Allegedly Says he will Vote for Hillary Clinton

Of the five living presidents, four have endorsed Hillary Clinton this election cycle. George W. Bush remains the only president who has yet to endorse a candidate, and he has so far refused to comment on the race.

Jack Scott, Staff Writer

September 23, 2016

Former President George H.W. Bush plans to vote for Hillary Clinton in November, according to a Facebook post on Monday by Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland and niece of John F. Kennedy. In response to the post, Jim McGrath, a spokesman for Bush, said in a statement tha...

President Reagan’s Shooter Released After 35 Years

Ronald Reagan shown on the ground seconds after Hinckley fired shots. Extreme panic broke out as civilians tried to find the source of the sounds.

Anna Anglin, Staff Writer

September 19, 2016

2016 marks 35 years since John W. Hinckley Jr. attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan outside of a Washington D.C hotel. He was shot in the chest and suffered from a punctured lung. 2016 also marks the year Reagan’s “would-be assasinator” is released. Hinckley’s judge allowed John...

Hillary Clinton’s Health Concerns

Clinton greets voters in New York City on Sunday morning, just hours before she would be escorted from the event with complaints of feeling “overheated.” She smiles widely, giving no indication to any potential health concerns. (Photo from

Holley Murray, Staff Writer

September 12, 2016

After leaving early from a 9/11 commemoration ceremony in New York City, democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton left voters with concerns regarding her health. Clinton has been noticeably coughing throughout her campaign, and left the ceremony on Sunday with reports of feeling “overheated....

Results of Super Tuesday

Thousands of people go to their local voting locations to give their opinion on who our next president should be.

Andrew Willings, Staff Writer

March 15, 2016

Every four years, coming along with the presidential election, there is an event called Super Tuesday, a day where the greatest number of U.S. states hold primary elections and caucuses. This year, Super Tuesday was on March 1st and had an outcome similar to what was expected. Thousands of people ...

The Presidential Marathon

Canada’s most recent election, when voters ousted longtime-incumbent Stephen Harper, is the longest in the Great White North’s history. However, those eleven weeks pale in comparison to the quadrennial marathon that occurs south of the border.

Jack Scott, Staff Writer

January 14, 2016

On March 23, Texas Senator Ted Cruz became the first major candidate to announce a campaign for the presidency in 2016. Since then over 20 people have announced their intention to make it to the White House, and several have dropped out. It is a month before the primaries begin, yet there have been multiple...

Barack Obama Announces 2016 Campaign Run

Several controversial candidates have their eyes on the Oval Office in the 2016 election cycle. The list includes Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and now Barack Obama. Sanders and Trump both dominate discussion about their respective parties during the 2016 presidential election.

Jack Scott, Staff Writer

September 21, 2015

President Barack Obama announced on September 18th that he will be running for another term as president in 2016. During a 2 hour long speech, President Obama declared “I am officially in the race, not as a Democrat, but as an Independent. For eight years, I have been constrained and defined by my part...

All Hail Yeezus

This poster is what Kanye said is just a simple blur on what he expects his campaign poster to resemble. August 30, 2015 was also marked as the beginning of the end of the world.

Kayla Salemi, Opinion Editor

September 18, 2015

All hail Yeezus! America you better start getting used to praying to our all mighty lord, Kanye West. As of August 30, 2015, after the duration of a twelve minute long speech, in which he clearly stated, “I’m not no politician, bruh,” Kanye West concluded with the announcement of his campaign...

Debates Are Coming Up Soon

Donald Trump talks to the public as he is persuading them to get on his side and vote for him.  Trump is at the podium talking about the things that concern him the most. Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore.

Bailey Young, Staff Writer

September 10, 2015

With 2016 rolling up, the presidential candidates prepare themselves to run for office. Elections have everything to do with disagreeing, arguing, and rivals. Some people want republicans to win this election, and other people want Democrats to win this election. Citizens predict who will win, who will...

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