President Samia Suluhu Hassan in East Africa



Tanzania’s first female president changing the Country’s political thinking

In the country of Tanzania in East Africa is President Samia Suluhuh Hassan. She is the first female president in East Africa, she arrived in office in March of 2021 after former president John Magfuli passed. Since then a lot of change has happened and a lot of positive change has happened. 


The former president was known for having harsh policies, one of which includes pregnant young girls who dropped out being banned from continuing school in 2017. But in November 2021, that policy was changed. As the country’s first female president, President Hassan has decided to take into consideration the country’s rights unlike former president Magufuli, who President Hassan said left the country full of “fear, hate and mistrust”.  


The president did speak at the women’s rally for the recent international women’s day. “The opposition is lucky that it has a woman president in charge because if a misunderstanding occurs, I will stand for peace and make the men settle their egos,” she said. “There is a new culture of unity between the opposition and her government although some critics are not happy with it, they will get used to it.” 


The president’s mindset has been toward reconciliation, resilience, reform and rebuild. While President Samia is “rebuilding” the country’s political problems she is getting ready for the election year of 2025, so it would make sense that her opponents are against her according to the conversation her opponents are “plotting for the 2025 election.”  Later this month Vice President Kamala Harris is going to Ghana, Tanzania and Zambia. According to CNN “the Vice President will advance efforts to expand access to the digital economy, support climate adaptation and resilience, and strengthen business ties and investments, including through innovation, entrepreneurship,and the economic empowerment of women.”