President Trump’s Twitter Account Has Officially Been Confiscated


Twitter is done with President Donald Trump’s constant tweets and has decided to take action and ban him for life. Donald Trump has rebelled by defecting to Instagram.

Kana Mullee, Staff Writer

On Thursday, Jan. 27, Twitter released a statement officially announcing that Donald Trump’s account had been removed and that he was banned from ever making an account on the social media outlet ever again.

The reason given was that they were “done up with the president being mean and rude on our site.” Attached to this post was a screenshot of a past tweet by Trump, stating that, “Twitter is such a stupid site with their stupid algorithm and their overly biased opinion toward the Dems.”

The reactions to this event were instant. People all around the United States were talking, tweeting, texting and posting about it. Trump, besides being president, is known for his tweets on the social media platform. Despite the shade that the president threw towards Twitter and other social media platforms every once-in-a-while, people have never taken what he said too seriously. Eventually, Twitter deactivated his account which was, to many, a huge surprise.  

Some people said that deactivating Trump’s account was a good move on Twitter’s part. The president had been throwing shade and insults at celebrities and government officials alike even before he was elected president. This upset a lot of people and in turn caused scandals and fights to break out on the social media platform since that is where the exchanges usually happened. These scuffles have given Twitter a bad reputation. Surveys showed that when asked what immediately came to mind when they heard the word “Twitter,” 62 percent of respondents  said, “Trump.” In second was “celebrity scandals,”, with 30 percent which usually branched from the president tweeting something.

On the other hand,  many people were furious about him being removed because they believe that the president is not insulting others but merely joking around. They also say that when Trump talks about more important matters, he is not being taken seriously, so he has to call people out. What better place to do that than on a popular and frequently used social media platform? Trump, like any other person who is trying to address a big issue, goes to social media since that is where people are most heard. He claims that he is simply trying to tell people about his opinion on certain matters, and does not feel that twitter took the right course of action by banning him.

After being removed from Twitter, Trump moved over to Instagram to continue sharing his opinions. His first post on his new account @thereallyrealdonaldtrumpp, the account now being used for opinions he would have previously shared on Twitter, said, “I can’t believe Twitter has done me like this. They’ve gone and been a big group of dummies. Shame on them! Because of this, I will now be sharing my wisdom with you all here.”

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The president has scheduled a press conference to talk about the power of social media outlets and whether Twitter should be removed from the Apple App Store and the website be blocked from web browsers.