Here’s What You Missed While Trump Was Being Elected


New Zealand’s Ella Yelich-O’Connor (better known as Lorde) announced that her sophomore album will, at long last, be arriving sometime in the near future. After checking out of the spotlight and allowing the public to nearly forget about her, Yelich-O’Connor described how her life has radically changed and she believes these lyrics are “the best [she’s] written in [her] life.” (Photo from

Holley Murray, Staff Writer

As can be expected from such a dramatic election, the media has shifted nearly all of its focus from the country’s general happenings to a spotlight on the race to the White House. The result is that events considered less important have been overshadowed by the biggest American news organizations. Those “less important” events and news topics are certainly not to be overlooked, and the Raider Wire has not forgotten them.

  • Parent company Twitter announced on Oct. 27 that the Vine mobile app will be discontinued at some point in the next few months. The message posted stated that users would still be able to access and download their Vines and that the Vine website will remain alive.
  • The young New Zealand artist Lorde whose debut album “Pure Heroine” took the world by storm announced that a new album is on its way. She gave very few details about it, but the announcement itself was enough to cause buzz amongst her fan base that has been awaiting a sophomore album since 2013.
  • A man living in Ohio named Aaron Daniels attempted to move to Libya and join ISIS. His plans were uncovered by investigators who had been keeping a close eye on him for a month prior to intervening on Nov. 8 and placing him under arrest.
  • Self-driving vehicles have made their way onto American streets. On Oct. 20, a self-driving 18-wheeler from Uber drove 120 miles with no difficulties. As this concept becomes reality and perhaps becomes mainstream, infrastructure will have to change to accommodate it.