Two Raiders Headed to the Naval Academy


Bryan Garcia (left) and Shaun Herock (right) will attend the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland next year. These two set another example of hardworking Raiders consistently exceeding expectations.

Holley Murray, Staff Writer

The U.S. Naval Academy appointed seniors Bryan Garcia and Shaun Herock Jr. to attend college in Annapolis, Maryland next year and ultimately serve their country as officers in their branch of choice. As students, the two will receive full scholarships and a monthly allotment for other expenses.

“I think I can get a tremendous amount of leadership and different kinds of valuable experience that I can use later on in life to better myself and to become successful quickly and make a difference in the world.” Garcia stated regarding his long-term goals. Four years attending the U.S. Naval Academy will automatically grant both Garcia and Herock commissions as officers in the military, allowing them both to have a clear outlook on their futures in service.

Next year, Raiders Garcia and Herock will join the 4,511 Midshipmen in attending the prestigious school. Congratulations to them for setting the example of working hard to achieve long term goals and excelling as a result!