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Life With Food Allergies

Even candy bars can kill; everything from Twix to Snickers to Butterfinger have a sneaky way of getting into our lives. Kissing someone or hugging someone with the allergy can send them into a panic attack or even an allergy attack.

Abbie Findley, Short Story Editor

April 21, 2014

Migraines, gastro-intestinal discomfort, sniffles, red eyes, coughing, hives, lung constriction -- all possible symptoms of an allergic reaction. For me, the severity of the symptoms depend on what I’ve ingested and how much of it. I’ve lived in a state of fear for the last fourteen years of my life....

The Mountain

There are struggles, then there are mountains.

Ashleigh Brown, Senior Editor

March 28, 2014

His name was Reggie, and he was wearing three hats, the coolest pair of sunglasses I’ve ever seen, and two coats when I met him. I was with my travelling companion, and boyfriend, and we were studying the Atlanta bus map, searching for a new adventure to go on. He walked right up and started chatting...

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