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When Will the End Come for You?

It started as a jumble of numbers that would eventually form dates. Those dates set Madelyn Fynn apart from the rest of society, and they are the reason she is suspected of murder.

Julie Day, Staff Writer

March 23, 2016

Would you want to know what date you are going to die? Victoria Laurie poses this question in an admirable way in her novel When. Madelyn Fynn is a junior in high school who was given an innate ability to see the death-dates of everyone she sees. Maddie’s mother, an alcoholic widow, uses her daug...

Amelia Wilmer

Her hair curled in a way that the earth seemed to agree with.

Natalie Wilson, Associate Editor

December 1, 2015

Casey Blank ran the tip of her finger down the edge of her Sunday paper.  There was something elegant to be found in Casey’s big ears and narrow chin, and her hair curled in a way that the earth seemed to agree with. Her eyebrows crunched into the top of her nose as she analyzed the grooves etched...

Of the Fog

Closer comes the fog.  Closer come the shadows.

Bim Peacock, Staff Writer

May 19, 2014

He could see his feet moving, felt his heart racing, but no sound broke through its muffled barrier.  Not the sound of leaves crackling, twigs snapping, pebbles crunching.  Just a dull thud in the back of his head.  Back and forth he watched those feet go: left, right, left, right.  Yet the feel...

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