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The clock is a circle, the clock is a square, the clock can be found anywhere. Photo by: Paladin.

The Clock

Micayla Peters, Staff Writer January 27, 2021

The clock is a circle The clock is a square The clock can be found anywhere   Up and down Left and right The hand will spin so hang on tight   Day and night it never ends The...

Homework takes up far too much time of the day for students who are also
involved in extra clubs or sports. It leaves no room for time to relax at home, spend time with
family or even get jobs.

Does Finland Have it Right?: Cutting Down on Homework

December 21, 2017

After a grueling eight hours of schoolwork and learning, students should be able to go home and relax, right? Wrong. Instead, they have to spend what should be free time doing homework. On average, high...

Hans woke up from his coma to find a world radically changed from the one he left in 1940.  Photo Source:

Seven Decades

Jack Scott, Staff Writer March 1, 2017

On a dreary afternoon in New York City in mid-April 2016, a man’s eyes opened for the first time in 76 years. The light of the hospital room was, while dim to others, nearly blinding to a man who had...

Sitting in a class for 90 minutes can get really boring, really fast, but seven periods a day isn’t necessarily good either. What’s the best option?

Is Our Time Being Used Effectively at School?

Andrew Willings, Staff Writer January 20, 2017

School scheduling has always been a topic of debate, mainly because there is no perfect way of managing a student’s time. North Forsyth High School, if you weren’t already aware, runs off of a mix...

Some helpful tips for midterms include getting a good night sleep, chewing gum while you study, color-coding notes, eating somewhat healthy, wearing comfy clothes and even bringing a book or something to do after the exam. Good luck and have a wonderful break!

The “New and Improved” Midterm Schedule: Like It or Not?

Bella Angell, Staff Writer December 14, 2016

The school calendar this year releases students on a Tuesday for the holidays. This is different from previous years as it is usually a Friday. Have you seen the midterm schedule and thought about it?...

In todays day and age, rather than going to a bookstore everyone resorts to online purchases for novels. while generations ago the only access to books were through a library. Generations have been evolving and are being shaped by the digital world.

Breakdown of the Generational Gap

Ramya Raja, Staff Writer October 25, 2016

The GI Generation, The Mature Silents, the Baby Boomers and Generations X, Y, and Z. The 21st century is filled with six living generations, but the differences between these generations, these people,...

A tale shared between time and life itself.


Jack Kern, Staff Writer May 26, 2016

Time goes by, bringing some, and leaving far too many. Life creates to watch its creation flourish. Life is the novelist, and Time is the passionless publishing company, telling Life that what it has made...

Students these days do not have enough hours in the day to complete everything they are expected to do. They are then labeled as failures when they cannot achieve these impossible standards.

Students are Under Too Much School Stress

Danielle Stone, Staff Writer April 27, 2016

High school students are placed under a ridiculous amount of stress. They are expected to go to school for seven hours, do two hours of homework, and have many forms of extracurricular activities. This...

Ash and Flame; that’s all we are.  The ash to give us shape, and the fire to hold us together.

Ash on the Clockface

Bim Peacock, Literature Editor October 12, 2015

“This darkness is beautiful, in an odd way.  Is it not?” came a voice. “Father, it is not darkness; it is the very fabric of absence.  Not even darkness lies out there,” came another. “Hrmph. ...

Time May Be an Illusion

Time May Be an Illusion

Julie Day, Staff Writer May 7, 2015

There is a beginning and an end to everything; the creation and the destruction. This principle applies to everything: except time. Anyone can form an idea, and that is how time began. Someone thought...

Spiraling Through Life

Danielle Stone, Staff Writer March 23, 2015

Every second, minute, hour, day, Passes by without a second thought Never regarded until it’s too late Until youth has slipped away, And all that remain Are memories.   Looking...

My wrinkled hands are still clutching the rocking chair armrests, desperate to hold onto some memories of my life.

The Short Memory of Time

Noelle Walker , Staff Writer February 13, 2015

I sit, my wrinkled hand clutching the handle of my white rocking chair. How did time pass by so fast? Memories flood into my mind so quickly that they are only glimpses. I heard about these things...

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