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I Am a Prince

I Am a Prince

Diana Rodgers, Web Editor

May 19, 2017

Filed under Literature, Showcase

Dress-up is so much fun; Little eyes glittering in the light. Dressing up like dolls, Zipping up our princess dresses And pulling on our fairy wings, Before finally putting on our crowns and mother’s heels. We live in a fantasy land with princes, dragons, and wicked witches galore.  ...

Teen Sparks a Difference Across America

Teen Sparks a Difference Across America

Diana Rodgers, Staff Writer

March 24, 2015

Filed under Editorial/Opinion, Showcase

In this day and age the terms gender and sex mean two different things. One person can be born as a male, which is their sex, but choose to identify as something other than male, which is their gender/gender identity. The term sex refers to one’s biological status whereas their gender is what one chooses...

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