New Year, New Music


Enter into the relatively new year with new music with a pop-kissed and sometimes alternative vibe.

Megan Hoffman

It is the beginning of February, and about time for cleaning out your musical trove. Multiple artists have released new music to ring in the New Year, including Marina and The Diamonds, Fall out Boy, Bjork and The Decemberists. Go ahead; delete the old bland overplayed music you have stashed in your computer or phone, and add in these new and exciting songs!

Immortal- Marina and The Diamonds

Uma Thurman- Fall Out Boy

FourFiveSeconds- Rihanna and Kanye West

Atom Dance- Bjork

I’m a Ruin- Marina and The Diamonds

Until the Ribbon Breaks- Until the Ribbon Breaks

Make You Better- The Decemberists

The Party Line- Belle and Sebastian

Lake Song- The Decemberists

Till We Ghosts- Petite Noir

The Cat With the Cream- Belle and Sebastian

Dust and Bones- Night terrors of 1927

Music Move Me- The Expendables

Everything’s Coming Up Roses- Night terrors of 1927

Oh my Heart- Night Riots

A Taste of Silver- Until the Ribbon Breaks