Art Club Celebrates The Day of the Dead


The art club works on their Day of the Dead project.

North Forsyth High School’s art club met up this past Wellness Wednesday to begin a project about The Day of the Dead. They will be representing this classic Latin American holiday with their own  pieces of art. Together, the members of the art club and the spirit of this holiday will both work in unity, bringing about The Day of the Dead’s culture to shine through their work.


The first day of the project was all about watercolor.  “We are water coloring on just regular paper that has a light outline of a skull and then once our watercolor dries, we are going to screen print over them.” says freshman Sarah Treusch. They completed their water coloring on Nov. 6, but will do the screen printing on the 13. Treusch went on to explain that “the basis of screen printing is that you already have the outline of something, but it prints it over top darker,” Sarah explained, elaborating on screen printing since a lot of students are aware of the process. The entire project was anticipated to take “2-3 days” or at least that is what freshman Liv Ritacco expects.


Not only are the art club members painting some skulls, but they are each adding a tinge of personal influence to their work. Anneliese Amukamara, freshman, explained that “[she] would love to add a personal touch,” to her art work. Sarah Treusch chimed in and added that “a lot of the seniors and juniors are blending their artistic styles with the traditional day of the dead style.” Not only will the students take a classic approach to this time-honored holiday, but they will add their own flair. This project will be as if old and new holiday customs came together as one in the art club’s Day of the Dead project.