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Peyton Stenander
    Hello Raiders, I am Peyton Stenander.I am starting off this year as a freshman. My basic hobbies include writing, drawing, and music. Outside of writing, I am on the varsity swim team. When I’m not practicing or sleeping, you could catch me trying to play my electric guitar or hanging out with my friends. I have a profound love for anything creative or strange. Fashion, psychology, painting, you name it, I’m probably a fan. My favorite type of music is classic rock. My taste is often compared to that of a cool dad. I love the color red. If I could see the world through red sunglasses at all times, I would not complain. Besides being a little artsy fartsy, I take world issues very seriously. I love problem solving and leaving an impact. I even plan to run in the presidential election of 2044. 

Peyton Stenander, Staff Writer

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Peyton Stenander