Rising Stars Presents: Mary Poppins JR


Some of the cast posed in the lobby after a successful opening night on March 5 before completing two more shows that weekend. (Photo By: Peyton Stenander).

After months of hard work, North Forsyth’s Rising Stars class performed their show Mary Poppins JR from March 5-7. The show follows two children (Jane and Michael) who get a new and mysterious nanny (Mary Poppins). Over the course of the play, they face challenges and experience endless possibilities. There are plenty of songs and dances on top of the twists and turns in the storyline of the show. The costumes range from monochrome grey to a rainbow of bright colors, creating a diverse look from both the main characters and the ensemble. 


The cast and crew praised their hard work that took place in order to put together the finished product of the musical. Several of the actors had a few things to say about their experience. Freshman Adam Norton said, “Talent is great for a show, but hard work is far more important.” He explained how the build-up to the performance was a lot of effort, but it paid off in the end. Freshman Maurice Peet added on and said he learned more about “the fact that plays can’t be done without the crew.” The great deal of teamwork that it took in order to pull off Mary Poppins JR brought the cast and crew very close to one another. One of the crew members, Senior Haylee Wicks, wrote a long Instagram caption in dedication to the show saying, “Mary Poppins was amazing and if you didn’t make it, you missed out! I love you all so much. Thank you for being so amazing.” A flood of responses came from her fellow cast and crew members, further proving their community within each other. 

The pure blend of talent, work, and unity brought every character to life. From behind the curtain to the tech booth in the back of the audience, every moving part was critical to have three successful runs of Mary Poppins JR.