How to Win World War Three

A true representation of what a tribute to World War Three will look like.

A true representation of what a tribute to World War Three will look like.

As most of the general public knows, the United States is facing the pressing threat of World War Three. Of course, things are getting heated and officials need to come up with a genius plan to get this American bread. After many hours of careful research, I have formulated the master plan for America to beat Iran.

The draft is a common controversy among the United States’ population. The suggestion of adding women has arisen, but that idea may not be the best choice. Regardless of age, the perfect fighters are right under everyone’s noses: the JROTC kids. They have the basic training, the physical qualifications, and the drive to fight for this country. The JROTC kids do not get up and run several miles because it is fun, they clearly care about their community and status. I’m sure those eager younglings would not hesitate to lend a helping hand. Their impact would be immaculate.

With the gradual rise of technology, the young people of the United States are very familiar with video games. One of the most popular video games being “Fortnite”. For those of you boomers who have never gotten a victory royale, Fortnite is a game where players are dropped into a map and must collect weapons to defeat the other gamers and be the last man standing. How could the government be so blind? Fortnite is the perfect training for World War Three.

Within the second day of the new year, World War Three was trending on Twitter. Clearly Twitter users have sat on this topic for quite a while. They must have some clever ideas and cunning plans to outwit Iran. Twitter should command America as we head into this great war. One very important Twitter user is none other than President Donald Trump. He and the people of Twitter are quite familiar with one another and I’m sure would make a remarkable team of fearless leaders.

Love it or hate it, anyone with more than half a brain cell could agree that these plans are absolutely foolproof. Together as a nation, America will take the W in world war three if we follow these simple steps.