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How to Win World War Three

A true representation of what a tribute to World War Three will look like.

Peyton Stenander, Staff Writer

January 27, 2020

As most of the general public knows, the United States is facing the pressing threat of World War Three. Of course, things are getting heated and officials need to come up with a genius plan to get this American bread. After many hours of careful research, I have formulated the master plan for America to ...

Social Media: Is It a Friend or Foe of Today’s Society?

Peyton Stenander and Chasidy Culpepper (freshmen) give their opinion on how society is nowadays. Photo by Melody Scott.

Melody Scott, Staff Writer

December 10, 2019

From “Yee Yee” to “Ok Boomer,” society is embracing every trend and saying with complete ease. However, as each meme is being welcomed and integrated into society, some people have different thoughts and opinions on it. While the internet may see sayings and memes as jokes, some of society seems...

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