Social Media: Is It a Friend or Foe of Today’s Society?


Peyton Stenander and Chasidy Culpepper (freshmen) give their opinion on how society is nowadays. Photo by Melody Scott.

From “Yee Yee” to “Ok Boomer,” society is embracing every trend and saying with complete ease. However, as each meme is being welcomed and integrated into society, some people have different thoughts and opinions on it. While the internet may see sayings and memes as jokes, some of society seems to be taking offense. 

One primary example is the “Ok Boomer” meme. The meme first started off as a fun, light-hearted way for Generation Z and Millenials respond to an older person, which for the most part are Baby Boomers. With the meme gaining more attraction, the controversy of whether or not the meme is offensive is a hot topic on many different news sites, like The New York Times, claiming that these memes are the end of friendly generational relations. 

With the “Ok Boomer” controversy at the forefront of society, it also raises other questions of what is deemed acceptable in today’s civilization. One of the main questions being if the public has lost respect for other people, or are they just more self-centered. What has caused society to become this way? 

With one simple click onto our favorite social media apps like Instagram, Youtube and TikTok, the audience sees numerous accounts of “influencers” broadcasting their lives to the world. These influencers make their mark on society, permanently and perpetually affecting today’s youth. 

On The Odyssey website, it explains how society in general has become more self-centered on social media as people are trying to “out-do” other people, whether it’s with drama or having the arguably “better life.” As a result, many people have started to adopt those ideals into their own lives, showcasing what their lives are like. The simple days of helping others out of the kindness of their hearts instead of recording it for the world to see how great of a person they are seem to be over. Has society always been this way? 

Peyton Stenander, a freshman, explains that “in some ways, society has always been self-centered…I feel like more people are out to get each other and get dirt on others.” However, Chasidy Culpepper (also a freshman) explains that “it depends on the situation…when it comes to social media, they don’t put into consideration how others feel.” While Stenander and Culpepper may not have the exact same opinion, it seems that they both are in agreeance that society has turned more towards self-centeredness. 

The debate still persists in each generation and in society on whether or not it has lost its respect and manners for other people and if its jokes are too far.