Deep Ends


Oh, what power words are blessed with, Capable of saving a life. (Photo from Pinterest)

Oh, how I longed to exist unapologetically

To step onto the cold grass, barefoot

To see what lies beneath the word: “me”

However, what I found cannot be simply put;

But I will try my best to explain this tremendous quest


The stage lights flash at my paralyzed body

No character to cling too

I was only meant to be somebody.

I felt like glass, I was see-through

The audience, a million jugful eyes

I still wonder if they saw through any of my lies. 


I noticed a change in me 

As one notices a change in the tide. 

I was drowning at sea

My only objective was to subside.

Somehow I found the will 

To begin my swim uphill. 


I was fighting for my life now;

I had no other choice.

You might be wondering how

And to that, I say only with my voice.

Oh, what power words are blessed with,

Capable of saving a life. 


Listen to when I say the truth, 

This journey is not the first nor the last. 

This is only your youth. 

You must begin to understand the past. 

And learn to take it day by day,

Only then will you truly determine your way.