Golden-Eyed Paradise


“Wind blows softly through her sleek, dark hair…”

Grace Hanks, Staff Writer

Her touch is a sign,

that she knows I am here.

her smile is a reminder,

of how much she cares.


Her laugh is a melody,

like the tinkling of chimes.


Her love, her heart, her soul,

I Know,

are all mine,

as mine are hers.


Wind blows softly

through her sleek dark hair,

caressing her cheek,

dancing through her fingertips,

so softly, everywhere.


I long to be the wind,

so wild and free,

as it blows all around her,

and she beckons me.


Refuse the call?

of course not.

I run, run, run,

into her arms

as the wind blows on.


blowing, ever softly, all around us.


And I become the wind,

caressing her cheek,

dancing through her fingertips.


Words part her lips,

yet never pass,

for I am there to catch them,

as she catches mine.


We dance upon the wind,

it carries us

across the sky


I take it all in,

the beautiful, endless view,

as I look into her eyes.


Her eyes are the sun,

the moon,

the stars.



She is the sun,

the moon,

the stars,

She is the infinite universe.


Gliding gracefully, artfully,

on the wind’s sturdy hold,


far too soon,

the wind departs.


And we laugh,

as we roll down the garden hill,

among the flowers.


Everything is bright,

Everything is right.


I silence her sound,

I catch her words,

I take her in,

fold her in my arms,

where she’ll be safe.


I kiss her soft, sweet lips,

and pray,

this is how we’ll stay.