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 The afterlife museum as I see it

The Afterlife Museum

Abbey Underhill, Staff Writer November 9, 2023

i hope heaven is a museum of my best moments, and my worst, too. if there is an afterlife, let it be me paused in the greatest memories i own   i wish to see everyone i love live joyously, i...

The image above depicts the band members of Grouplove, Young the Giant, Cage the Elephant, and Sleeper Agent at the UTC June of 2012. One of the members of Young the Giant took photo.

Home of the Strange Tour: The Beginning

Lany Campbell, Staff Writer March 1, 2017

In the Spring of 2017, Grouplove will be opening for Young the Giant on the release of their new album Home of the Strange, but first, here is a little background on them. Young the Giant was previously...

We were best friends. It turns out we werent forever.


Danielle Stone, Staff Writer December 10, 2015

I was once one half of a whole. We were always in perfect sync. Never one without the other, Every move was made together, But our time finally ran out.   We were viewed as one being Because...

Picture used with permission from Savannah Keith. 
When I’m at the top of the hill, he’s at the very edge of the rocky cliff, staring out to the forest. A creek runs through the middle, and I thought it was beautiful. I admire from afar, keeping my distance. “Beautiful, isn’t it?” I say, smiling.

Falling Off

Ashton Bruce, Staff Writer May 7, 2015

In the spring, we took a trip to the mountains, except that it was not so much a trip as it was a complete, tumbling, dangerous fall, and it was not so much the mountains as much as it was a moderately...

“Wind blows softly through her sleek, dark hair...”

Golden-Eyed Paradise

Grace Hanks, Staff Writer April 24, 2015

Her touch is a sign, that she knows I am here. her smile is a reminder, of how much she cares.   Her laugh is a melody, like the tinkling of chimes.   Her love, her heart,...

“I grin at him and toss the magazine onto his face. The cover has a picture of Angelina Jolie, and before I can read the gossip that has about a half-chance of being true, he groans and tosses it onto the floor. He crawls onto the couch, his left arm stretched across the back of it, and he smiles a Cheshire-cat grin at me.”

A Conversation about a Hostage Situation

Ashton Bruce, Staff Writer March 9, 2015

“I had a dream about you last night.” “What about?” It’s a question, but the way he says it makes it sound more like a statement. His voice is garbled, due to the way he uses his mouth like...

Looking in the mirror should reflect oneself, not the image of what others want. When someone looks in the mirror, they should be happy with the person standing on the other side.

Self-love Above All Else

Danielle Stone, Staff Writer March 2, 2015

Many people make the mistake of establishing their entire lives on the judgment of others. They do not live as themselves; they live instead in fear of rejection, as puppets, so to say, of what other people...

She would let it steep for at least five minutes, so the leaves would release the bitter parts of their souls. Then she would add a spot of milk and a half-teaspoon of sugar to soften the strong taste. It was always a black tea, always a blue mug.


Caroline Duckworth, Design Editor December 15, 2014

Her sadness was evident in the way she made tea.   She would let it steep for at least five minutes, so the leaves would release the bitter parts of their souls. Then she would add a spot of...

Seniors Abigail Elrod and Eric Decker illustrate their drastically different emotions when asked to describe how they view their friendship.

Why Do You Have to Be so Rude?

Maddy James, Staff Writer September 18, 2014

I hate school. I hate it, not because of the continuous hours in a sitting position or the nasty cafeteria food or the piles of useless homework but because of the hatred I witness in the hallways daily....

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