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Love is Real

This is a cartoon heart drawn in photoshop. In contrast to the broken one made for his previous poem, the mended organ represents Steven’s change of heart. Photo by: Steven Gresham.

Steven Gresham, Staff Writer

February 26, 2020

No one can explain love the say it’s like a dove flying high from above Some say it’s a gift from Heaven  it’s a true blessing just look at my friend Kevin when he found it he stopped stressing because life is great just look at my friend Jade when she saw the EHarmony ...


The yarn forms a heart to represent
 the love and pureness explained in the poem.
Photo from Pinterest. By Suzannah Clemn

Imogene Ragan, Staff Writer

January 28, 2020

Only purest hearts heal a broken one, Only the purest hearts stun the evil. Only the coldest, darkest hearts run, Only the coldest hearts create upheaval. If you find a pure heart, you find pure souls, The only one that can heal broken hearts. Only the purest, lightest hearts are who...

My Definition of Love

My Definition of Love

Steven Gresham, Staff Writer

December 16, 2019

Love is fake only thing good about weddings is cake Affection is dead it is a fairytale for children in bed Love isn’t real neither is the color teal made up to get you to buy the wrong dress to fail your girlfriend’s test, so more dresses you will buy then the bill wil...

Dear Love

How can you love and hate? Photo credit: Pinterest

Jen Vincent, Staff Writer

December 16, 2019

Dear love,  How can you love and Hate?    you love to hate don’t you?   don’t worry though, i already knew.   Hate is an ugly person.    he is aggressive   he deprives you of self worth.    but it's an obsession that drives y...

Icy Blue

Winter brings the Icy blue, along with the chilling cold and the powdery snow. Photo by Google.

Emma Simmons, Staff Writer

December 13, 2019

Icy Blue, like your eyes Snow drifts Down       Down             Down Until it kisses the Earth Melting in the remnant heat Of a Summer trapped Frozen in the roots of a tree Under which we stand Feeling the warmth inside Despite the Icy Blue Which t...

Valentine’s Day Around the World

Feb. 14, otherwise known as the day of love, is celebrated across the globe. Each country has a very unique way of celebrating this special day. (Photo Credit:

Kenya Espinoza, Staff Writer

February 12, 2019

February, the month where love and cupid fly around carelessly. In the United States, the day of love is celebrated on Feb. 14 and is many times celebrated by showering significant others in gifts. This fact, however, changes in different countries. Every country that celebrates this special day;has...

How to Win Valentine’s Day: Gifts to Get the One You Cherish

Everyone wants to be the most romantic boyfriend or girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, but it is impossible to achieve this goal without the perfect gift. Take a look at our guide to help you decide what to get your bae for Valentine’s Day.

Quillen McKinney, Staff Writer

February 12, 2019

February, the month of love. When those who are single suffer terribly in their loneliness, and those who are fortunate enough to be dating gaze deep into each other’s eyes, confess their love and struggle to plan the most romantic night of the year.  But one cannot have a good night without a good gift. Theref...

You Will Fall in Love With These Top Three Valentine’s Day Traditions

Valentine’s Day is full of love and appreciation for those you care about. How will you be spending the day?

Bella Angell, Editor-in-Chief

February 11, 2019

Ah, Valentine’s Day – a day filled with love and happiness. On Feb. 14, the hallways of North Forsyth High School (and most likely every other school) will be bustling with students carrying roses, chocolates, stuffed animals, jewelry and similar gifts. There are many different ways to spend Valenti...

Stiff as Granite

He had promised never to leave her.  Now, as Lucy stands by the river, she wonders how he could have fallen back on those words.

Emily Stocksdale, Literature Editor

May 19, 2017

She had fallen in love with him slowly, over the course of four squandered years.  He had loved her from the minute he saw her, and had vowed never to leave her, regardless of the reason. He had repeated that vow so many times that she had come to take it for granted, to take him for granted.  Now,...

What We Are

I keep you straight; You mess me up.

Kristin Iler, Sports Editor

March 1, 2017

It is ink drying on a page And neatly folded laundry that describe me. It is bakery scents And two day t-shirts that represent you. Together, we are the perfect ratio Of seriousness and humor, Of neatness and disorder. I keep you straight; You mess me up.

This Is What Christianity Means To Us

Indubitably, it’s quite a name, no matter if it’s used by people who praise Him, pray to Him or even curse Him. The name of Jesus has been quite a phenomenon in our world, but to us, it’s the name that changed everything.

Hailey Yarbrough and JoAnn Ahn

November 7, 2016

To be a Christian, many believe one has to be perfect and abide by every rule under the sun. Others believe Christians are entirely judgmental and hypocritical when it comes to challenging times. But to truly be a follower of Christ, it actually means the exact opposite. Everyone is flawed, and it is...

An Open Letter to the Girl Whose Heart He Broke

The tears will flow down your cheeks, but do not worry because they will not stain. You don’t need someone to tell you your worth. Drawn by Megan Hoffman.

Kayla Salemi, Staff Writer

November 7, 2016

Dear Beautiful,   He is a fool.     Do not think for one second that because of his boyish tendencies that you are not worthy of him or any other man. Right now, you may think you are not attractive because the thoughts running through your head probably sound a lot like: “Why else would he choose her over...

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