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Quality Time

Quality Time is the Best Gift

Katelyn Tillotson, Staff Writer February 29, 2024

Although Valentine’s Day has passed, with prom approaching, many people are finding relationships and could be confused about what the best possible option for a gift could be, with any upcoming celebratory...

Love is given and received on Valentines Day.

Do You Like Valentine’s Day?

Cilla Fulwider, Staff Writer February 29, 2024

Valentine’s Day, a holiday all about showing love and affection towards someone you're in any type of relationship with. Many people wear the colors red and pink in order to represent love. The word...

Whether you get flowers or not on Valentine’s, there will be a rom-com to keep you company.

The Most Popular Rom-Com?

Kate Jennings, Features Editor February 29, 2024

Romantic comedies, also known as “rom-coms” are an epicenter of hope for the world's hopeless romantics. It is not unknown that people love to watch rom-coms no matter how cringy or unrealistic they...

Romeo and Juliet

To Love A Writer

Kate Jennings, Features Editor February 28, 2024

To love a writer is unlike any other You will always be on their mind And overtake all of their time   To be described in the most beautiful way And forever wanting to stay   To...

True relationships create joy in every moment.

The Power of Relationships

Priscilla Fulwider, Staff Writer February 28, 2024

Relationships come and go Life moves on and so do we As we get older, they begin to show Many of which end with glee   Through the years, they come to be  Usually starting with...

A representation of a broken heart.

Cupid’s Arrow

Cameron Simpson, Staff Writer February 18, 2024

Lights, camera, action! The flashes begin, My heart beats just a fraction, These nerves move beneath my skin.   I can never let them see The agony within, My lips form a silent...

Separations always ends in hurt.

Our Final Moments

Janis Parry, Literature Editor January 16, 2024

  In the final moment, I get to see your face  I will tear up before the sky,  I will tell myself not to cry,  I will make myself believe some frivolous lie,  I will make promises...

Coming to a theater near you. (Photo from Google)


Emma Simmons, Sports Editor May 9, 2022

There was a scuffling sound somewhere to my right, followed by a clack. I took a deep breath and counted to five before opening my eyes, finding myself looking up at a dark warehouse ceiling. The only...

If only we weren’t from different lives. (Photo from Google)

Until Death Do Us Part

Emma Simmons, Sports Editor December 21, 2021

She sits in the walls Pale in life, in death In life after death And I can’t help but feel drawn forward Toward her Sunken cheeks and see-through eyes Blue like the sea Dark like...

If you are going to be alone this Valentine’s Day, do something fun or productive with your time! Photo by: Elizabeth Wood

5 Things to Do if You’re Spending Valentine’s Day Alone

Elizabeth Wood, Social Media Manager February 14, 2021

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and affection. For those lucky enough to have a special person in their life, the holiday can be very fun and exciting. For others, this holiday can feel annoying...

Our universe is 13.6 billion years old, and I somehow had the luck to exist at the same time as you. (Photo from Pinterest)

I’ll Take You To Mars If You Promise To Sing Me To Sleep

Emma Simmons, Sports Editor January 21, 2021

Worlds apart, I cherish thy love and warmth you give Eternally, I swear, with the very life I choose to live Arrows sprang from Cupid's bow and set my coat aflame Requiting my fondness with his...

How could they leave someone that loved them the most? What could have changed our outcome? Photo from Pinterest.

Young Love

Melody Scott, Editor-in-Chief December 15, 2020

How could you hurt  the person that loved you most?  When you used to hold them tight,  And never let them go   They were there for you When no one else was But yet, like a breeze They...

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