Until Death Do Us Part


If only we weren’t from different lives. (Photo from Google)

She sits in the walls

Pale in life, in death

In life after death

And I can’t help but feel drawn forward

Toward her

Sunken cheeks and see-through eyes

Blue like the sea

Dark like the skies


When I press my hand to the brick

There’s a shudder

And a breeze

A stunted heartbeat underneath

Cold that struts the line between 

“being” and “ceasing”

Freezing, caressing

Crawling up my arm to my chest


She leans forward and meets my gaze

I step back, though unfazed

She whispers a chill down my spine

Bids me to ask her to be mine

My fingertips meet with hers

And she draws me closer, 

Souls together

Strong like flames

Sweet like aether


Maybe in another life

In life after death

Death following life

I could share that part of my heart

Meet those eyes in the dark

Deep blue skies, sunken, dead

“Until death do us part”

A siren song inside my head

But for now, though I am trapped in her thralls

We are of separate times

And she still sits inside the walls

Brick and steel and blood and knives

If only we weren’t from different lives