5 Things to Do if You’re Spending Valentine’s Day Alone


If you are going to be alone this Valentine’s Day, do something fun or productive with your time! Photo by: Elizabeth Wood

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and affection. For those lucky enough to have a special person in their life, the holiday can be very fun and exciting. For others, this holiday can feel annoying because it’s another thing reminding them that they’re alone. While you can spend the whole day throwing yourself a pity party, instead, you should do something to get your mind off of it. Fortunately, this Valentine’s Day falls on a four day weekend; therefore, all the girls can celebrate Galentine’s Day on Saturday, Feb. 13, the couples can celebrate Valentine’s Day on Sunday, Feb. 14 and the single people can be appreciated on Singles Awareness Day on Monday, Feb. 15. 


  1. Spend time with friends

There are so many things you can do with your time on this four day weekend. No school means more time to hang out with friends. Go get a bunch of single acquaintances together to spend time with on the holiday (couples are welcome as well).


  1. Give Valentine’s to friends 

If you’re unable to get together with friends, give Valentine’s to them. Single or taken, everyone will appreciate the small gesture. This can also be a throwback to elementary school Valentine’s Day parties where everyone had a shoebox and classmates would fill them with candy and toys. 


  1. Buy an unhealthy (or healthy) amount of candy for yourself

On the day after Valentine’s Day, candy is dirt cheap. Stores want to get rid of Valentine’s Day candy quickly to prepare for Easter candy, so the prices are marked down to almost nothing. There are discounts up to 90 percent off, so click here for Target’s Valentine’s Day clearance schedule! This is the best day for single people to buy themselves candy. Also, since the day after Valentine’s Day is Singles Awareness Day, allow yourself to eat all the candy you want!


  1. Be lazy

You can spend the whole day/weekend watching movies. Many streaming services currently have a romance section where you can binge-watch love stories. But you are not only limited to that. Watch whatever you want! While you can watch movies, you can also do what long weekends were created for: resting.


  1. Babysit

On Valentine’s Day, many parents struggle to find someone willing to watch their kid(s) while they go out. If you’re good with children, earn some extra money by babysitting around the neighborhood. Many parents will appreciate someone who will watch their kid(s) for the night. 


Don’t spend the whole weekend sulking; embrace your freedom and do something fun for yourself!