2013- 2014 Senior Class Presidential Election


Photo by Andrea Martin

Shane Cross campaigning at lunch.

This year’s student government election is beginning to heat up. North Forsyth’s senior class is full of enthusiasm as they watch the 2013 election for senior class president unfold.

There are six candidates running for the position of senior class president this year: Hannah Whaley, Shane Cross, Jake Huff, George Kantelis, and Sam Metzger.  Each candidate is taking this election very seriously and they all have very specific and unique reasons for running. Sam Metzger and Jake Huff are looking at this election as not only a way to benefit the student body, but also to gain experience for the political careers they hope to pursue.

“ I hope to one day become the President of the United States and being senior class president would be a great opportunity to experience the responsibilities of having a political position,” Metzger said.

Huff voices similar opinions.

“I want to one day have a career in politics. This election is more than a popularity contest to me. I really care about student government and the real issues that the student body of North Forsyth faces,” stated Huff.

Hannah Whaley is running because she feels that she has the leadership skills required to be senior class president. Whaley is currently the president of Student Council, is a part of Leadership Forsyth, and was one of thirty students in Georgia chosen to attend Ideals Leadership School.

“ I believe that my leadership experience equips me to be the best possible candidate. I love North and I have great ideas for the future,” stated Whaley.

Candidate Shane Cross believes that his love for North Forsyth and school spirit is the key to winning him this election.

“Since the day I was born I’ve bleed purple and black. I love this school and I’m hoping to be elected Senior Class President because I want to do something that matters, ” said Cross.

Her love for the student body is Montanna Heffington’s main motivation to run in this election. Heffington decided to run because she felt that she represents the values and morals of the student body in a way that the other candidates do not.

“ Our senior class needs somebody that understands their needs and can accommodate them. I am that person,” claimed Heffington.

Heffington is not the only one who wants to benefit the student body however. George Kantelis is confident in his ability to give a voice to the students of North Forsyth.

“ The students need someone who can speak on their behalf. I will make their opinions heard,” stated Kantelis.

While each of the candidates are doing their best to promote themselves, talk of foul play has been floating around. Cross and Kantelis both report that someone has been ripping their posters off the walls.

With so many viable candidates it is hard to deduce a clear front runner; the candidates themselves feel that it will be a close race. North Forsyth will be waiting anxiously to see who the 2013-2014 senior class president is until September 24 when the winner will be announced.