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(FLATLINE) The Hobbit 2: An Unnecessary Journey

The biggest movie of the year. Also, the longest.

Brandon Moss, Sports Editor

December 12, 2013

Fans that saw The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will love its new sequel, The Hobbit 2: An Unnecessary Journey, coming to theatres tomorrow. One fan tells the Flatline, “I loved all the walking and landscape shots from the first movie. I couldn’t go to the bathroom because I’d miss that one step...

Friday Links: What Is Up With Our Government?

As the fiscal year ends, Congress neglects to pass a spending bill to fund the government, leading to a government shutdown. Eliot Morgan from YouTube's Sourcefed channel explains what exactly is happening on Capitol Hill for the time being.
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Lacy Hamilton, Editorial Editor

October 17, 2013

At the end of the government’s fiscal year, September 30, the Congress has refused to pass the spending bill that funds the government, an event that has not occurred since 1995. The House Republicans are intent on derailing or at least chipping away at Obamacare in exchange for the passing of the ...

2013- 2014 Senior Class Presidential Election

Shane Cross campaigning at lunch.

Andrea Martin, Photography Editor

September 17, 2013

This year’s student government election is beginning to heat up. North Forsyth’s senior class is full of enthusiasm as they watch the 2013 election for senior class president unfold. There are six candidates running for the position of senior class president this year: Hannah Whaley, Shane Cross,...

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