Well Wishes


Photo by Noelle Walker

In my dream there was a well.

In my dream there was a well.
A well that could make any of your wishes come true.
But you couldn’t find the well, it had to find you.

It’s what anyone would want.

I found that well.
Or, that well found me.
And I looked around, filled with glee.
I held my breath as I made a wish.
Then I threw in a coin and was automatically transfixed.

The well seemed to light up instantly.
Then the water started to swish around the coin
and suddenly I was filled with extraordinary joy.
My mouth transformed into a grin as I thought of my wish,
then I released the words softly from my lips.

I was so focused on the well,
that it caught me by surprise
when all of a sudden, it disappeared right before my eyes.

Confused and a little frightened, I ran home.
Then my mother shared sad news; I’d never felt so alone.
And once I was inside,
I fell to the ground, screaming it all was a lie.

Everything was hell
thanks to that well.

I had wished for money as my family needed it.
Had I known the cost,
I wouldn’t have considered it; I wouldn’t have been so lost.

Sure, I got the money,
but I also had lost my grandmother; I had never felt so lonely.

She had passed away at that very moment,
and in her will, she had left an amendment.
It said that all her riches were now ours,
but without her, it was only worth mere dollars.

“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”,
others would say, unaware of what they were going to lose.

So take it from me, to someone like you.
Don’t make a wish, even if it will come true.
Because chances are, you’ll suffer the loss of something
important to you.

In my nightmare there was a well.
A well that made my wish come true.
And even though it found me,
it didn’t give me everything I wanted, not really.

And when I woke up from my nightmare,
I realized it wasn’t a nightmare at all.