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There is light at the end. Photograph from wikimedia

Darkness is not Eternity

Rohani Nguyen, Staff Writer February 28, 2023

Darkness is not Eternity    Everyone must pity Everyone must dread Everyone has a bad day  But will you make that the end    Will you seek what it is meant  Or will...

Is Money ‘The Root Of All Evil’- Or ‘The Blessing In Disguise?’ Photo from Ministry Matters.

Can Money Really Buy Happiness?

Emma Kimball, Staff Writer January 27, 2021

It's not unknown that we live in a society that values and prioritizes money and wealth. Growing up as children we are taught the value of money through our schools and families, and most adults would...

Clover sets out in search of happiness; she does not know where to find it, but she will do whatever she needs to do to finally be happy again.

Finding Happiness

Lea DiMatteo, Art Editor December 19, 2014

Clover was always a quiet person; she did not like to interact with people, and she did not like to be in one place for a long time. Her hair always fell right into place even though she never brushed...

An existential crisis can throw one into a depressed stupor, causing them to not focus on what they need to do: going to class, for example.

Guide to Dealing with Existential Crises

Danielle Stone, Staff Writer October 29, 2014

Countless teenagers deal with existential crises even if they cannot put a name to the feeling. They are the soul-crushing realizations that your existence is completely and utterly pointless, and your...

In my dream there was a well.

Well Wishes

Noelle Walker, Staff Writer May 2, 2014

In my dream there was a well. A well that could make any of your wishes come true. But you couldn’t find the well, it had to find you. It’s what anyone would want. I found that well. Or, that...

She didn’t want to die next to him. She didn’t want to die at all.

Till Death Do Us Part

Rayanne Griffith, Staff Writer February 7, 2014

Watching the blossoming trees pass, her mind trailed off to the old days. The day where her husband romantically proposed to her. The days where even just being around him made butterflies tumble around...

“Your hair was always messy, twisted and tangled in your face…”

You Had Me At Hello

Jessica Prouty, Staff Writer December 16, 2013

The moment is still clear Embedded in my mind From the smile that graced your face To the simple glisten in your eyes.   I knew it was the beginning Of our forever more And even...

A simple, yet delicate and inspiring feather


Noelle Walker, Staff Writer October 17, 2013

A simple, yet delicate and inspiring featherMy name is May, and I envy the birds. When I was smaller, I would run up to my mom and tell her that I could fly. She would just look down at my light blue...

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