You Had Me At Hello


“Your hair was always messy, twisted and tangled in your face…”

The moment is still clear

Embedded in my mind

From the smile that graced your face

To the simple glisten in your eyes.


I knew it was the beginning

Of our forever more

And even now your presence

Burns me up to the core.


Your hair was always messy

Twisted and tangled in your face

And though it took time to love you

I know love is not a race.


Your smile was always genuine

Glistening and bright.

It’s the little things such as this

Which keep my mind right.


I know you want to know me

But do you really care?

Do you ever really notice

My smile or my hair?


I hope not, you see

That isn’t me at all

If you saw who I really am

For me you would never fall.


I feel somewhat as if

I am undeserving of you.

Perhaps that is why fate

Has made our moments so few.


But you must understand

Surely you already know

That thought I may not have you yet

You had me at hello.