A Cold Day in Hell


Photograph by Kasey Reed

No matter where we are, the sky we shall always share.

Tumbling amongst the rankings to the back
Just sitting under the cap to hide such shame
Even in daylight the storm is swelling black
This is nothing like a game;
Legs twitch beneath, anticipation burning like fire
Stomach churning and twisting with deepening horror
Living, to take it all back, is the only desire
Hoping and praying to a cross there will be no more;
It is a cold day in Hell.
Water seizes, to take under, no return
The water a blessing, the war to dwell
There is no option but to question, to yearn;
“Will I make it to back to my land?”
Nothing is more prominent than the fear
But the only way to know is to step onto the sand
At this time, the lies are okay to hear;
The gun shots, the blood, it’s all very clear
Because death is so very near