The Definition of Humanity


Humanity [hyoo-man-i-tee]: The quality of being humane; kindness; benevolence.

What defines humanity?

Is it thoughts and actions?

Feelings or behavior?

Respectfulness and trustworthiness?

Anger, fear, love, hatred?

Can a single adjective define us?

It is our choices that define us as human.

Every small movement can change the course of humanity.

We all make bad choices that appear just at the time.

We all make right choices that appear wrong at the time.

Without mistakes, there would be no triumph.

Without choices, how could the human race survive?

There is no good or evil.

There is no true love or true hate.

Our caution and virtues are deciding factors.

Hidden intent rules men.

What defines us?

It is not our intent, our emotions, or our actions.

It is not our being, our background, or our surroundings.

It is not our upbringing, our education, or our aspirations.

It is our ability to perceive right from wrong

And act on that notion,

That is what defines us.