Summer Love In Spring


Never to be as chilly as the water beneath it, At least not until the arrival of next winter’s icy bite…

Your thumb draws silent circles and little swirls
Along the back of my sun kissed slender hand
Our fingers intricately laced and bound together
Woven and wound as tightly as they can

The docks aged wood creaks audibly beneath us
Heated by the sun shining ever so bright
Never to be as chilly as the water beneath it
At least not until the arrival of next winter’s icy bite

We lay untouched above the waves, on our backs looking up
Not a cloud above daring to taint the crystal blue sky
Though we know we sit and talk intently and carefree for hours
Everyone knows time spent with loved ones seems to fly

We kiss too many times over to count them all
Rest assured, all are so well cherished, but few and far between
We don’t need them to express the things that won’t pass our lips
But we still hold tightly to what every gesture means

Wasting the days swimming in the spring chilled lake
Not minding the goose bumps raging on our skin
The sparks that create a burning fire in our hearts
Heat the outside of us, though well contained within

I lay my head on your muscle cushioned shoulder
Our hands still tightly glued together
I find myself watching the sun lay to rest behind the water
And silently wishing that the moment would last forever

It’s more than just the simple idea of lust disguised as love
The feeling seems to be etched into my very core
We have finally reached the point of being together
But we are scared it will end like past loves before

So it seems I have found a summer’s worth of love
Maybe more than what many summers could bring
But you are more significant than all the others in my heart
Because I found you, my Summer Love, in the spring