Tattered Hands


Walking through the dimly lit, vacant house of Killian Beck, rosaries could be found hanging and strewn across a desk within his old work room in Slidell, Louisiana. Beck passed away at the age of 87 on September 19, 2014 leaving his many crafts and memories behind. He would construct new rosaries from old ones as a hobby and generously give them away to all who wanted one.

Old, Tattered, and Tethered,

His hands work with ease and rhythm

As they construct only beauty from the broken.

They flow from part to tool,

Solving the puzzle of perfection,

But who knew beauty could come

From a humid, steel box

Filled with various scraps of my past?

I watch in awe of the talent

And question where it comes from,

But he is too consumed in his art

To hear my wonder correctly.

“Honey, it will be fixed soon,”

He reassures me with determined sweat

Dripping down his smile on to his

Old, Tattered, and Tethered