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Erin Dickman

Erin Dickman, Social Media Promotion

Erin Dickman is a collection of loud noises, booger-picking, and blonde hair. Her greatest accomplishment is winning the 7th grade health award- you can say she is a prodigy of her family lineage. Erin likes to play tricks on people. For instance, she has managed to convince everyone that she is 17 years old when, in reality, she is actually six.  Someday, she aspires to become a crazy weather woman for a local news channel. Or the world- who knows. But one has to start their journey somewhere, so now her soul resides in the Journalism classroom for the time being.

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People roam the streets of Downtown New Orleans, Louisiana enjoying the day before the afternoon storm.

Lower Ninth Ward

Erin Dickman, Social Media Manager
February 10, 2015
Grasso Punches Global Poverty in the Face

Grasso Punches Global Poverty in the Face

Erin Dickman, Social Media and Promotion Manager
December 8, 2014
Fast Fall Feet: A Cardio Playlist

Fast Fall Feet: A Cardio Playlist

Erin Dickman, Social Media and Promotional Manager
November 11, 2014
(From Left to Right) Cameron Conner, Graham Dowdy, and Jimmy Weaver stand outside of their favorite coffee shop, Inman & Perk in the Gainesville Square. The musicians spend their time here enjoying coffee along with spontaneously creating melodies on the piano inside the store.

Discover Love(craft)

Erin Dickman, Social Media and Promotions
October 13, 2014
Walking through the dimly lit, vacant house of Killian Beck, rosaries could be found hanging and strewn across a desk within his old work room in Slidell, Louisiana. Beck passed away at the age of 87 on September 19, 2014 leaving his many crafts and memories behind. He would construct new rosaries from old ones as a hobby and generously give them away to all who wanted one.

Tattered Hands

Erin Dickman, Tattered Hands
September 29, 2014
Copy of the Playlist designed by Erin Dickman, Senior.

Playlist: Modern Alternative–A Breath of Fresh Air

Erin Dickman, Social Media and Promotion
September 23, 2014
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Erin Dickman