Grasso Punches Global Poverty in the Face


Erin Dickman, Social Media and Promotion Manager

The idea of Simple Charity was formed on a February night when Senior Brian Grasso demanded for a solution for global poverty. Now, he is living the dream with his booming student-led organization and talented team supporting the $100,000 goal “to combat hunger in Jesus’ name.” Since Simple Charity began, it has erupted in North Forsyth High School and the Forsyth community, as the group has run a successful Chili Dinner, Yard Sale, and even a booth at the county fair. Recently, Grasso even broadened the awareness of Simple Charity through a media outlet larger than merely the school announcements: He spoke on the Victory 91.5 radio station.

On November 15, Corrie Haynes on The Drive talk show interviewed Grasso about how he founded the organization and the accomplishments. He acknowledges that the group has raised around $17,500 towards hunger, education, and water, and despite not fully meeting their goals, optimism and faith pushes Simple Charity to keep giving and impacting less fortunate areas. Grasso goes on to speak about how he recognizes the greatest impact of Simple Charity is not raising the $100,000 goal; to Grasso, the true impact of Simple Charity derives from watching “students’ hearts change, so they can spend the rest of their lives giving and making a difference” as they continue loving God. The love of God is spread through the Christian-based charity groups that Simple Charity gives their money to and through the members of the organization to display how faith can overcome the seemingly impossible.

Brian Grasso is a leader that used his influence and credibility in order to achieve an incredible goal out of selfless love for people. He encourages others to become rich in love and, with that richness, become a philanthropist: not necessarily by giving wealth, but by donating effort, determination, and time towards those in deprived countries. Grasso had provided Forsyth County with an opportunity to make an impact towards problems larger than merely ourselves.

Listen to the podcast here!