A Safe Alternative for Trick or Treating


Clori Rose-Gieger

With glowing faces, the kids of the community utilize the fun festivities Student Council provides during Trunk or Treat. Even the student volunteers are enjoying themselves this crisp Halloween evening.

Julie Day, Staff Writer

Trunk or treat is a community event that Mrs. Transu, Mrs. Vreeland, and the Student Council organizes. It provides a safe alternative for kids to trick or treat without going door to door. Instead, kids are allowed to trick or treat out of festively decorated car trunks. “Student Council offers a way for families in the community, who might not live in a neighborhood or have easy access to trick or treat locations, to have an easy and safe source of a fun for their kids,” explains Matthew Krackenberger, Student Council President.

This year many kids showed, and they all had a fantastic time. Each year, Trunk or Treat gets more successful, and proves a better turnout. Although there seemed to be a shortage of volunteers, everything went very smoothly.

Something Student Council would like to improve upon is the advertisement process. “Despite some advertising flaws keeping people in the dark about the event, it went smoothly and successfully,” claims Krackenberger. Student Council takes this flaw as an opportunity to grow, and expand this generous community event. Trunk or Treat is a fun and easy way to keep kids safe and happy.