Israel and Gaza: the Endless Cycle


Masked Hamas militants parade their weapons through the streets of Gaza.

Ethan Simmons, Staff writer

Recently, tensions in Israel and Gaza have erupted in an incredible show of violence. It has now escalated into a full ground offensive by Israeli troops into Hamas held Gaza.

It all started when three Israeli students were kidnaped and subsequently killed in the West Bank on June 14th. Israel was convinced the killings were carried out by Hamas supporters, in response the Israeli defense force (IDF), arrested tens on Hamas supporters and launched drone and naval strikes into Gaza. Hamas In retaliation indiscriminately launched dozens of rockets into Israel. The Israelites were furious and three radicals burned a young Palestinian boy alive as an act of revenge.

On the morning of July 8th 2014 Hamas launched at least 40 rockets into Israel. This is the first attacks that Hamas has claimed responsibility for since 2012. The Israeli military stepped up their bombing in Gaza, and by July 11th 2014 had conducted more than 1000 drone strikes, less than a month after the three students had been killed. The cycle of retaliation escalated again when the Israelis launched a ground invasion into Gaza, in order to destroy rocket sights and smuggling tunnels into Israel.  But where did it all start? Unfortunately conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelites is not a new issue. It can be traced back to the bible and countless peace talks have all fallen though. The recent conflict is complicated which makes the situation difficult to understand, but at its essence two peoples are locked in a bloody cycle of revenge. However the current conflict can be pinned on the kidnappings and the revenge that followed.