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Chimpanzees are People?

“Trace Dominguez debates the new global controversy, should chimps be legal humans?”

Rhiannon Martin, Staff Writer

May 11, 2015

Chimpanzees are seeking human rights. It all started with a chimp that was in an animal testing trial. The Nonhuman Association declared this testing inhumane and prepared a law suit against the lab at which the chimp was held. There are a lot diverse opinions surrounding this topic, and many people...

Friday Lynx: Rock the Casbah

Dr. Lynx, who has previously debuted on the Friday Lynx as a doctorate lynx of great experience, intensively inspects a glorious specimen of rock he uncovered in the field. “Meow,” he says, when asked about the quality of the geologic marvel.

Owen Wickman, Staff Writer

May 7, 2015

Rocks may be the most fascinating entities ever seen on the planet. 100% of the people that the Friday Lynx interviewed revealed that they took an interest in rocks, pebbles, and other geologic entities. One of the interviewees expressed an interest that was not any basic, mundane interest in rocks....

The Friday Sphinx

Among the documents salvaged from Bloomingdales’ ship, the HMS Dinghy, many paintings of his adventures adorn the captains’ quarters. Somehow they managed not to be spoiled by the water, and experts are studying them carefully as to discern any hidden meanings. This particular painting appears to depict Bloomingdales’ time in Egypt.

Owen Wickman, Staff Writer

April 28, 2015

Recent findings of historical documents dating from the early Age of Exploration offer new insight into the European documentation of the New World. These documents were uncovered from a shipwreck discovered last week off the coast of an unnamed island in the south of the Arctic sea. The HMS Dinghy,...

Action against ISIS

ISIS members show off their fire power, wearing masks and brandishing machineguns for a camera.

Ethan Simmons, Staff writer

March 3, 2015

On Wednesday, February 10th, president Obama submitted an Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) to Congress. This has caused big headlines on all the major news networks. However most are saying the big points. This new AUMF will only last three years, and carry no geographical boundaries...

Terrorists Attack Satirical Magazine Office in Paris

Police storm a kosher supermarket in Paris as hostages escape.  Amedy Coulibaly murdered four of the hostages before police raided the store and killed Coulibaly, putting an end to a week of terror in France.

Matthew McFadden, Staff Writer

January 27, 2015

Four terrorists executed a series of attacks in Paris, killing 17 people over the span of three days before a police raid killed three suspects: Said Kouachi, Chérif Kouachi, and Amedy Coulibaly. Said and Chérif Kouachi, brothers in their early 30’s, attacked the office of Charlie Hebdo, a weekly sa...

Israel and Gaza: the Endless Cycle

Masked Hamas militants parade their weapons through the streets of Gaza.

Ethan Simmons, Staff writer

December 15, 2014

Recently, tensions in Israel and Gaza have erupted in an incredible show of violence. It has now escalated into a full ground offensive by Israeli troops into Hamas held Gaza. It all started when three Israeli students were kidnaped and subsequently killed in the West Bank on June 14th. Israel was convinced the killings were carried out by Hamas supporters, in ...

FLATLINE: Friday Lynx: Under the Sea

Some lynxes take things far too literally. In an effort to raise awareness for the sea and lynxes, this particular lynx has taken the initiative to become a rare snorkeling lynx exploring under a “c.”

Owen Wickman, Staff Writer

November 11, 2014

Lynxes and oceans, two very different entities, both suffer from a common ailment: underrepresentation from the media. Lynxes frolic through snow covered forests and oceans do ocean-y things, but rarely are these adventures documented and reported on. The Friday Lynx is here to change that, and intends...

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