Action against ISIS


Screenshot from Youtube

ISIS members show off their fire power, wearing masks and brandishing machineguns for a camera.

Ethan Simmons, Staff writer

On Wednesday, February 10th, president Obama submitted an Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) to Congress. This has caused big headlines on all the major news networks. However most are saying the big points. This new AUMF will only last three years, and carry no geographical boundaries. The most controversial point is how the AUMF talks about is the use of ground forces, while it does not allow for large scale ground offensive or as the President worded it “enduring ground forces”, it does leave room for special situations, including the targeting of ISIS leaders, rescue operations, and indigents gathering.

Although, one of the biggest questions on the minds of the American people is: Why now, have we not been bombing ISIS for months? The answer is yes, and it’s also been a point of debate. The Obama Administration has been using the authorization given to them under the 2002 AUMF initiated by President Bush to allow the invasion of Iraq. So, while Obama does not technically need this new AUMF to continue operations, it will, at least according to him will send a “Strong message to enemies and allies that we are united in the fight against ISIS”

This coupled with the recent killing of an American aid worker, and the burning of a Jordanian pilot by ISIS has lead not only the United States, but other Muslims to take a stand. This is all well and good, but how can we go to war with someone we barley understand, and while it is blatantly apparent that ISIS is committing brutal crimes, most Americans don’t even know what they stand for. Understanding their cause is the first part of fighting them.

Lastly, as with any operation there are thoughts that this AUMF has a darker purpose. Some argue that without geographic boundaries this AUMF would allow the United States to wage a war on the Syrian government which is currently locked in a war between several rebel groups and ISIS. While this seems a little far-fetched, the Obama administration has openly opposed the Syrian regime. Maybe this could be better understood by watching the full speech.