Latino Baseball Legend Passes


Screenshot from Youtube

Months before his death, Minoso throws a pitch prior to the Civil Rights White Sox game and then gets interviewed.

Amanda Lewsader, Staff Writer

Minnie Minoso, the first black Latino player in the Major League Baseball (MLB), passed away on March 1, 2015 at the age of 89. His tragic death was announced that he was found dead in his parked car. Minoso’s son, Charlie Rice-Minoso reported to the Chicago Tribune that his father had a pacemaker for his heart, and the cause of his death is believed to be something Cardiovascular. He will be remembered as the finest baseball players of the 1950’s. He was honored and respected in his community for the barriers he broke by being the first black baseball player of the MLB, and Minoso will remain a favorite to many fans throughout the years. In honor of showing how appreciated Minoso, he had many of his accomplishments awarded and treasured. Among these honors he has a statue of himself, batting in the White Socks ball park, they retired his number, 9, and meeting with fans during his retired years. Overall he became a legend by helping integrate baseball and has forever changed the history of colored athletes.`