Avalanches in Afghanistan take 250 people


Photo used with permission by CNN.

Local Afghani resident explains how the avalanches affected his home and family. The avalanches continue to take a huge toll on the Afghani homes and population.

Ben Bramblett, Staff Writer

Avalanches in Afghanistan have taken a good portion of the Afghani population throughout the harsh winter season. Death toll in Kabul, Afghanistan has recently risen to 198 people. Road safety equipment and most machinery were cut off for a week after the massive avalanche hit Kabul. Rescue workers had to dig through gigantic piles of snow, uncovering the bodies of the people who did not survive the disaster, including mostly women and children. Four Army helicopters have been dropping off hot meals and clothing for the surviving residents of Kabul. However, large parts of Afghanistan are still covered in unmanageable amounts of snow. The avalanches began on Tuesday, February 17, and survival aid finally reached the people of Kabul on Wednesday, February 25. The people are fairly poor, working as farmers, small store operators, or shepherds, so authorities are trying their best to aid their people as much as possible.  National death toll has risen to 247. Just as the nation began stable recovery, avalanches have hit a valley around the Kabul area, bringing the death toll up to around 250 people. Authorities are currently doing everything in their power to keep the Afghani people safe.