Raiders Compete for Region Championship


Coach Travis Jarrard (right) prepares to take home his fourth consecutive Region Championship. The Raiders fight Chattahoochee in one of their most exciting battles of the year.

Austin McIntosh, Staff Writer

On Saturday, January 10, the North Forsyth Raiders wrestling team traveled to Chattahoochee High School to compete in the finals of the Area 6-AAAAAA duals. The team had most of its roster healthy and ready to go, which was a tough task for such a physical and demanding sport. North fought a tenacious battle and came out of Chattahoochee victorious by one point.

The tournament will go down as one of North’s most exciting and gutsy performances of the season. It marks the fourth consecutive Area 6 Region Championship, and the Raiders could likely meet Chattahoochee again toward the end of the month in the traditional duals. Tanner Buggs (senior) and Cole Tenety (freshman) led the Raiders with their two pins, and the team had many other solid performances from its under and upperclassmen.

‘‘Everybody thinks of wrestling as an individual sport. You watch that dual right there, that ain’t no individual sport,” Coach Travis Jarrard said.