ISIS Threatens NYPD


Screenshot from Youtube

ISIS continues their reign of terror by threatening the Police, keeping them on high alert. ISIS tells their supporters to kill Americans.

Ben Bramblett, Staff Writer

ISIS threatened the New York Police Department, ordering their supporters to “Kill police officers, soldiers, intelligence officers, and civilians in the United States.” A re-released video, originally posted in September of 2014, of ISIS spokesman Abu Mohammed al Adnani painted the Internet as well as social media this past week. Al Adnani mentioned France, Australia, the United States, and Canada as potential terrorist attack targets. The video supported acts of violence, and enforced Muslim extremists to rise up and cause chaos in their country. New York City Police commissioner William Bratton was interviewed by CNN and said, “The threat was specifically directed at law enforcement personnel, so we’re encouraging officers that when they’re on these fixed posts, they be even more vigilant that they might ordinarily be.”

Bratton also advised his officers, as well as officers all across the United States, to “Pay attention to people as they approach you and look for their hands as they approach you.” The threats largely increased the tension after the attacks in Paris, France given that a large number of police officers were either shot or killed in the attacks.