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School Shooting Training Drill Carried out at West Forsyth

Photo credit to Micah Green at the Forsyth County News--Junior Wyatt Campbell participated in the drill for ROTC because not enough West students signed up to help. While Campbell had some reservations about how seriously some people took the training exercise, he thought that it was still valuable. “Overall, I think that it was an interesting experience.”

Jack Scott, Staff Writer

April 18, 2017

On Tuesday, Feb. 22, Forsyth County law enforcement went to West Forsyth to practice for a school shooting scenario. The drill involved over 100 police officers and firefighters as well as over 200 students, teachers and other adults, each with varying roles. Because few West Forsyth students volunteered...

ISIS Threatens NYPD

ISIS continues their reign of terror by threatening the Police, keeping them on high alert. ISIS tells their supporters to kill Americans.

Ben Bramblett, Staff Writer

February 3, 2015

ISIS threatened the New York Police Department, ordering their supporters to “Kill police officers, soldiers, intelligence officers, and civilians in the United States.” A re-released video, originally posted in September of 2014, of ISIS spokesman Abu Mohammed al Adnani painted the Internet as well as social media this past week. Al Adnani mentioned Fra...

Riot Outbreak in Ferguson, Missouri

Lacy Hamilton, Editor in Chief

October 14, 2014

Riots began in Ferguson, Missouri on Saturday, August 9, 2014 after the death of Michael Brown, an unarmed 25 year old African American student. He was shot by Darren Wilson, one of the Caucasian officers of Ferguson.[1] Not only is the allegedly wrongful death of Brown a major conflict, but also racis...

Tragedy Strikes

Following many months of physical therapy, Rolando attempted to walk for the first to time.(

Jackie Busche, Staff Writer

September 20, 2013

On the morning of February 13, 2013, Officer Rolando Jimenez was directing traffic at Lanier High School in Gwinnett, as he had done many mornings since he started working at the high school when it opened in 2011. Officer Jimenez had indicated that he would like traffic to stop so that he could allow...

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