DECA goes international


“I joined DECA because all my friends had, but it has become a huge part of my life. I can’t imagine School without it. ” said Nicole Sullivan

Ethan Simmons , Staff Writer

Recently DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America), a marketing and business club at North Forsyth, competed at the Georgia State Wide Competition. The club had several students qualify for an International Conference in Orlando this coming April. Club members competed in several events, (including presenting projects, computer simulations, taking tests pertaining to the business and marketing world, and multiple roll plays) in business situation and competitors had to handle it accordingly.

DECA is designed to get students ready for the business world. They are required to run a business of their own and are responsible for operating the school store. During a competition, DECA members have to be on their toes because they never know what mock situation the judges will put them in this helps them develop a vast array of skills they can use at any moment.

Nicole Sullivan, a senior who competed in Entrepreneurship Participating, Food Marketing Role Play, and Buying & Merchandising Online Testing placed well in all events and has qualified for the International Competition in April. DECA was also represented by Zach Thomas and Tony Scheyer. The seniors worked as a tag team to place third in a business law and ethics roll play.

“DECA really helps with just getting into the business world” said Tony Scheyer

In total, DECA had 10 students qualify for the International competition, all of whom have worked very hard for the opportunity to do so.