Lost but Found


Sunshine and delight filled the empty air.

JoAnn Ahn, Staff Writer

She was a lost, little wildflower

Without a place to call home

One day she thought about

How she was all alone


The beautiful mind of hers

Shook and spun around

Walls of regret and desolation

Collided where she was found


Memories of bliss she did not remember

Moments of hope she did not own

Shame was all that was left

She felt it in her fragile bones


What happened to her heart?

It did not burn or break

All that had occurred

Was bad timing, and a few mistakes


But wait! What was that?

The luminous light over there

Sunshine and delight

Filled the empty air


Her vacant blue-green eyes

Soon overflowed with tears

As her Savior reached out His hand

And offered her life with no fears


Come away with me my child

You don’t have suffer anymore

I know you need my love

That’s what I’m here for


Do you not know?

Have you not heard?

My love for you overflows

This is God’s Word


I will strengthen you and hold you

It doesn’t matter if you fall

Because even until the end of time

I will prevail through it all