No Hitter Makes History


Dixon poses with the Alpharetta scoreboard in the background, showing no hits. A feet that has not been accomplished since 2003.

Ethan Simmons , Staff writer

On March 30th, a week before spring break, Senior Caleb Dixon became the 4th student in North Forsyth’s history to throw a no hitter. For those who do not know a no hitter in a baseball game is when the pitcher is able to go all nine innings without any batters from the other team hitting a pitch. This is as hard as it sounds; it takes a lot of skill and concentration, as well as a bit of luck. Not to mention the game was away, at Alpharetta, giving Alpharetta the home field advantage and making just that much harder on Dixon. However the Raiders fought hard and scraped out a 1-0 win along with the historic no hitter. This has not been accomplished since Mark Doll threw a no hitter in 2003.