Memories Come In Waves


Tonight memories come in waves and I find that I am drowning.

Jessica Prouty, Staff Writer

In the first few hours of the morning,

I’m haunted most by memories

of dying summer days

that transitioned to scorching black nights.

Nights spent burning up raw emotion,

taking in my desires that are love,

through the lips of a stranger.


I can’t look at the stars anymore–

not after having wasted so many nights

tracing your name into every constellation,

burning its taste into a black sky’s infinity.

It is an infinity gone all too soon,

an infinity that only existed in a brief moment of time–

but it existed all the same.


So sometimes when it gets hard to breathe,

I like to pretend you’re right here with me,

like you were always here,

and never even left.


Tonight memories come in waves,

and I find that I am drowning.