Butterfly Effect


Sometimes, the smallest things can make all the difference. The butterfly effect is named for the metaphorical example stating that a butterfly flapping its wings could cause a hurricane someplace far away.

Jack Scott, Staff Writer

Suppose that a student drops a pen on the ground while in class. His teacher, a person who obsesses over cleanliness, berates him. She tells him how careless his pen-dropping habits are. The kid is nearly driven to tears, and he leaves class in a foul mood. He spends the rest of the day this way, sparking a fight with someone else. He gets badly beaten, and comes home with both a foul mood and a broken arm. This adds even more stress to his already-strained parents, who are recovering from a near-divorce and a job layoff. To reduce stress, the parents decide to go to the park. They have a nice time picnicking and eating, until they get into an argument. The father walks off to have some time alone. While walking around, he is mugged by a homeless woman. He struggles with her, but during the fight, he is knocked out by a harsh blow to the head. He is left in the woods, and the mother and child think he ran away. They move away to a small town in Yukon to start a new life in the Canadian wilderness away from their old trials and tribulations.

When the father wakes up, he is a changed man. He has a more violent, angry, and unstable attitude. He soon finds out that his family left him, and he finally snaps. Furious at the world, he retreats to an abandoned apartment flat where he drinks himself into a stupor. He makes up his mind to plot the assassination of the President of the United States. However, after several months of planning, the CIA discovers the plot, and quickly stops the father right before the act is carried out. They quickly rush him to a black site somewhere in the Middle East. While being tortured, the mentally unstable man reveals the names of several random Russian politicians. The CIA arranges for their deaths, but the Russian government discovers the conspiracy. The Russian president threatens nuclear war, and the USA responds by sending soldiers into allied countries. Geopolitical tensions run high until a skirmish breaks out between NATO and Russian forces in Poland. A war breaks out, and nearly half the world’s population dies in the resulting nuclear winter. The only country left after the apocalypse is North Korea, which conquers the remainder of the planet for their Dear Leader.

Be careful with your pens. You never know what might happen.