Black Friday Online Sales Trending Upward


More Americans shopped online on Black Friday than they shopped in stores, and statistics from Black Friday 2015 suggest that the event is quickly becoming less relevant.

Austin McIntosh, Staff Writer

Black Friday 2015 saw more online shopping than actual in-store doorbuster shopping. The (New Product Development) NPD Group estimated 103 million online shoppers versus 102 million in store shoppers. These numbers changed drastically compared to last year. The NPD vice president said, “We’re on the path to a very different kind of holiday selling season than we’ve had in the past,” and he suggested that this change is in large part “due to the extended duration of sales.”

Black Friday became a distinct event way back in the early 1990’s, and it is slowly losing its amount of relevance due to online shopping and extended time periods of sales. An important statistic conducted by the (National Retail Federation) NRF is that online sales on Black Friday alone are up 25 percent from 2014. That number is huge, considering the average online shopper spent “300 dollars on Black Friday alone.”