E-Books versus Physical Books

Reading lets you escape to another world that no one else will see.

Reading lets you escape to another world that no one else will see.

Bella Angell, Staff Writer

Which is better: e-Books or physical copies of books? The debate has gone on for such a long time.  Some people like e-Books for the convenience, and others like physical books because of the smell. I am here to give defenses for both sides and hopefully settle this dispute.

E-Books have grown to be more popular with the evolution of technology. E-Books can be read on phones, tablets, laptops, et cetera. Society looks at it as one less thing to have to carry with them. Many people like the fact that it usually provides an instant definition, or that they can highlight words and add comments without ruining the actual paper in a book. Another defense is that e-Books do not cost as much as a physical copy of a book.

The negatives of an e-Book include spoilers. People are tempted to look through reviews, and it has happened before when others will spoil the ending to a teen fiction novel. Another negative is that technology has to be kept charged so it may not be as convenient as people think it is. Someone cannot experience the same excitement of reading when they read an e-Book. A person cannot see the left side of the book slowly get bigger and bigger as you dive into the other world. E-books may have its pros, but do the cons outweigh them?

Physical copies of books are the classic way to read. Someone can feel the texture of the paper. Books have a very satisfying smell to them, especially when they are purcahsed from Barnes and Noble because they smell like coffee and paper. There are many places where you can buy books from and they can be bought at different prices. Second hand bookstores like Humpus Bumpus sell them for almost half the price. Barnes and Noble has books for full price and they will not be damaged. Another option is to order novels off the internet and have them delivered to you. A person can also make the decision of whether to get paperback or hardcover books. Again, you do not have the same experience if you read an e-book.

One of the most well-known negatives of physical books is carrying it around with you. Books tend to be fairly bulky, and it may be problematic for you to carry. Physical books are not waterproof whereas you can buy waterproof cases for e-books. Physical copies of books can cost more than e-books. The cost of most e-books ranges from three to ten dollars, and physical books usually cost around twenty.

In my own opinion, I prefer having the physical copy of books over e-books. For one, they are very attractive. When I put another book on my bookshelf, I think of how beautiful the spine looks with the novels surrounding it. I love the smell of coffee and paper, and I can just walk a few feet, pull a book off the shelf, and open it to a random page to smell the pleasing scent. So which do you prefer: e-Books or physical books?