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Wattpad, Blocked!

Freshman Zoe Smith is Holding up her device, showing that Wattpad doesn’t work on our school’s wifi.

Amber Cabezas, Staff Writer

December 11, 2019

NFHS Blocked Wattpad? Wattpad is a writing and publishing website. It was founded by Ivan Yuen in 2006. Stories on here can be read by other people around the world. Writers and readers can be included in fun challenges as well as write their own stories. Some stories get published and some get made...

E-Books versus Physical Books

Reading lets you escape to another world that no one else will see.

Bella Angell, Staff Writer

February 23, 2016

Which is better: e-Books or physical copies of books? The debate has gone on for such a long time.  Some people like e-Books for the convenience, and others like physical books because of the smell. I am here to give defenses for both sides and hopefully settle this dispute. E-Books have grown to...

Is Plagiarizing Really Worth It?

Thirty-three percent of students have admitted to plagiarizing.

Andrew Willings, Staff Writer

February 17, 2016

The rewards of plagiarism and other forms of copying another’s work may seem abundant; however, several have repeatedly established that all that is being done during plagiarizing is hurting the writer. There are numerous reasons for this, and it is easy to see that the benefits of writing your own...

Grady College of Journalism

The broadcast room is home to many students at Grady College and hosts live local news shows every week day with a special dedication to local Athens sports on Fridays.

Hailey Yarbrough, Associate editor

January 14, 2016

University of Georgia proved itself during the football season against numerous other schools including Georgia Tech, its biggest rival. But what about the academics? Is there anything special about the college other than the astounding athletes? UGA proclaims itself home of the second best journalism...

An Open Letter to Annotations

“Annotations do not let me enjoy books anymore. Whenever I go to read, I do not imagine what is happening in the story. I start thinking of the rhetorical devices used throughout it. I don’t read as much as a did before annotations were a part of my life.” – Tinaye Gibbons

Kristin Iler, Staff Writer

January 8, 2016

Dear Annotations, You really are something, with all of your analytical madness, symbolism, and infinite imagery. Why must you keep us up for hours wondering how much deeper we can go into a paragraph, or how far between the lines that we can read? Why does everything we read have to be based on you?...

My Commonplace

“He who rides the sea of the Nile must have sails woven of patience.” –William Golding

Jessica Prouty, Staff Writer

September 14, 2015

Everyone has that one quote they will never forget. Whether it is from a movie, a book, or even something their best friend said in a crisis situation that made things seem just a little better, it is something that person will cling to when they need words of comfort. But why stop at just one? A Commonplace Boo...

Journalism Program Awarded and Recognized

The 4th period Journalism class is all smiles about the numerous awards and recognitions that have recently been announced. “I think we have a phenomenal group of students and I love seeing our talented writers win so many awards,” stated Mrs. Rose, the Journalism teacher.

Gracen Martin, Staff Writer

April 28, 2015

The North Forsyth High School Journalism program and many of its students have been awarded and recognized by many associations and contests. The NFHS Raider Wire newspaper and the Threshold literary magazine have both been recognized by the Georgia Scholastic Press Association (GSPA), and have both...

NFHS Sophomore Savannah Keith Wins National Award

Pictured above is NFHS sophomore Savannah Keith, who has recently won two awards for her poetry at both a regional and national level. Savannah plans on “becoming an author in the future and making my voice heard.”

JoAnn Ahn, Staff Writer

March 27, 2015

Sophomore Savannah Keith has been recognized for a regional and national award for Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards program began in 1923 and recognizes the talents, dreams, and creativity of America’s youth today. A few authors and artists, who are a celebrated...

A Lesson in Comparing Yourself

When we learn not to compare ourselves with others, we free up the time and the space to focus on ourselves and think about how we can improve as individuals.

Matthew McFadden, Staff Writer

March 16, 2015

“I’m not good enough.”  That one, crippling thought often plagues my mind, popping up unannounced, like weeds shooting through a patch of vivid dandelions.  This happens every time I try to write fiction.  For example, I once spent four months writing a short story of only a few thousand words,...

Awards for North Forsyth Artists

The Scholastic Art and Writing Award Ceremony was an eye opening peek into the world of creativity.

Raicheal Havins, Staff Writer

May 7, 2014

For 91 years, the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards at Savannah College of Art and Design have recognized the exceptional vision of our nation's youth, providing a unique opportunity for students to be recognized for their creative talents. Since being founded in 1923, the awards have showcased the early...


Silence Speaks.

Noelle Walker, Staff Writer

November 11, 2013

I clamped my hands together and tried to calm myself. The silence was overwhelming. I couldn’t take it. I needed to hear someone speak before I grew mad. It had been three months of people with sealed lips who refused to open their mouth. I saw a cup on a wooden table and threw it against the wall....

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